grecian urn
grecian urn, 1982
Many Ways to Paint with Gouash
Gouash presents a challenge, because when it is used alone, not mixed with other media, it does not lend itself to blending on the paper. You must blend on the pallette and paint the shades separately, as done in the painting on the left.
On the right, gesso was first applied to the board surface for texture, then bright colors in gouash were painted where they were wanted, then The entire painting is covered with very dark gouash. The dark is removed by painting carefully with water to reveal the bright colors or white of the gesso.

Humpty Dumpty taking a fall! 1983
In this painting, gouash was mixed with gesso before painting, which makes it more transparent and it blends, looking a lot like watercolors.

Sausalito houseboat, Mississippi, 1983
In this painting, I arranged a collection of related objects floating in space. Here, too, there is no mixing of paint on the paper; it is all done on the pallette.

Objects Related to Sewing, 1983