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Day in Beirut, Exploring the Neighborhood

Saturday, February 27th, - BEIRUT - GETTING LOST IN ASHRAFIEH

Streets in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh

Today is a holiday. They celebrate the birth of Mohammed today. I woke at 7:00 a.m. with a sore throat and fatigue. I feel like I may be getting sick, and don’t have much energy. Waddad was up and feeling good. We had coffee after I brushed my teeth and took my pills. I lay down again for ten minutes and then got up, got dressed and ready for the day. Wadad’s sister is coming for a visit.

A narrow street in Ashrafieh

I am feeling the fatigue from many days of excitement. It was good to have an email from my sister Carol. She said she missed me. I miss her, too! I miss some of my routine at home, but a person must break the "rut" to stay alive and alert. A person must experience new and different cultures to try to understand this complex world. These things become more difficult as we age and the body has its pains. It is a small price to pay for the experience I am gaining.

Young Man at his business

I walked to the internet café but it was closed. I asked around and a young man directed me down the block to another. Once there, I found a grocery clerk who walked me to the place that was open, several blocks and turns away. He kind and generous to do this for me, but he was walking so fast, I had to hurry to keep up with him, and did not make good note of the landmarks. I used the internet to check the weather for the next few days and to check my email.

Coming out, I tried to find my way but became more and more lost. Finally, I stopped at a gas station and a young man there called Wadad. They talked. He hailed a taxi for me and told the cabbie where to take me. He was very kind. Everyone here has been kind to me. The cab brought me home quickly. I was very close, but the streets are confusing and crowded. He charged me 5,000 LL (Lebanese Lira) which is about $2.50 USD. It should have been 2,000 LL, but I didn’t mind. At least I got a good walk and some exercise out of this excursion.

The ABZ Mall in Beirut, at night

In the evening, although I was not feeling well (sore throat and sluggish) I went with Wadad to the ABZ mall to the movie “Valentine’s Day”. It was a “fluffy movie, but fun.

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