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Lazy Day in Beirut

Tuesday, February 23rd, - BEIRUT

Produce stand near Wadad's home

I woke first, at about 7:00 – just cleaned up a bit and lay in bed until Wadad got up. She made coffee and served me breakfast; a banana, Lebanese wheat bread, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers and feta cheese. It was wonderful!

I wrote postcards for a while, and Wadad’s brother, Francois, came by to meet me. He brought fresh coffee with him. He like’s it fresh-ground! It was rich and aromatic. We talked for a while and he and Wadad spoke to each other in the wonderful local language of Arabic-French-English, with Wadad translating for me from time to time. A brother- and-sisterly argument about air fares! Very entertaining. Francois drove us to the bank, and dropped us off. We did our business there, and took a taxi to the post office. The fare was about 75 cents. I bought stamps and mailed my postcards.

stamps for postcards to USA

We walked to the bakery for our gift tomorrow for Wadad’s friend Eva, who is taking us south for two days. We will be picked up and driven by her chauffeur and we will sleep in her home one night. She is bringing her maid also, to take care of us. Wadad said she will take us to Nabatiye’ El Fahta and Jetzine. I am anxious about such royal treatment. It will be most unusual. I can't believe I am so fortunate.

Douaihy Bakery - Fabulous Fare!

After purchasing the gift together, we had some of the sweet breakfast pastry from this shop. It is called “Douaihy”. Wow! Is it ever sweet. I must bring back some of their pastries for family back home.

Only some of this shop's wonderful fare

Then we took another 75-cent taxi ride back home. We talked, made plans and I wrote my journal. Then we both took a very deep, refreshing nap. We woke and had a light meal of Lebanese bread, hummus with olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, broiled chicken and a little of my leftover pastry from lunch (its sweetness now seems a bit too much) and again the rich coffee.

Multi-level modern mall in central Beirut

We went out around five, to the ABZ Mall in a taxi. It is a fabulous mall, second to none I have seen. Multi-level, going down underground with restaurants, shops, a multi-plex cinema and more. We decided to go to a movie. We saw “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin, about a divorced couple with three grown kids who try to get together again. It’s the best portrayal I’ve seen yet of the devastation of a divorce upon the children. We both loved it.

Great Hamburger at Bob's 50's Diner at the mall

Afterwards, we split a hamburger at Bob’s Diner and then split a sundae. We walked the mall and then took a taxi back home. Nice quiet day.

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