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Wadad's Apartment in Beirut

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 (daytime) - WADAD'S APARTMENT

I slept at last! In a bedroom of my own in my dear friend's home. What a blessed relief!

My bedroom in Beirut

When I woke, she served me Lebanese coffee in her cool, tile-floored kitchen. It was heaven.

Lebanese Coffee

For lunch, Wadad ordered wood-grilled chicken with garlic dip, hummus, eggplant, Lebanese bread and made a fresh green salad. With lots of Lebanese coffee. "Lots", because I am such a coffee-drinker, and those cups are so tiny. She constantly had to brew more than the usual amount. But she cheerfully did so, for my comfort. She was a perfect host! Our meal was delicious, and we ate much of it with our hands.

Sunny Kitchen

I found in the light of day that my friend has a lovely and comfortably furnished apartment, which I shall call home for the next ten days. What a lucky person I am!

Dining Room

Living Room with TV

That afternoon, we walked across the street to the grocery store and bought some things. I bought a large package of coffee, knowing how much I would be consuming!

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