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First Day in Paris

May 14, 2008 - Paris Sacre Coeur

Yesterday, at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, I never could connect with the "Bee Line" shuttle I had reserved. I took a taxi to the apartment near Montmartre/Sacre Coeur, where Bobbie was waiting for me. She is so warm and helpful. She showed me the apartment, and encouraged me not to just "crash" after my 16-hour travel.

Ann's Apartment, where we stayed

So, we walked up the street to Montmartre center. With narrow winding brick streets, some steep; views ever expanding of Paris as we climbed up the hill. Stone walls with green vegetation. Not many people, being a weekday. Historic cafes, bistros and homes. Finally the square behind the church, with the artists and their work on display for sale. Some were painting as we walked by. The cafe in the center is under a canopy of trees. Fresh and lovely.

Narrow street to Montmartre

Bobbie and I walked up the stairs and into the church. It is lofty and serene inside. The nuins were just finishing up an angelic-sounding piece as we entered. We each lit a candle and said a prayer for our respective Mikes. We walked around the interior, admired the architecture, sculpture, stained glass and went outside and sat on the steps with Paris in view below us. There was a musician playing a harp. All the music on this day has been of the "heavenly" sort.

Sacre Coeur

After a while we walked back to the square, sat at an outdoor table and had a beer and a bite to eat. We had a delicious French beer called 1664. Wonderful! Bobbie had a salad with tomatoes and cheese. I had a pate fois gros. Then we people-watched. Our adorable male waiter was quite a flirt with the pretty girls who walked by. It was fun to watch.

Wonderful French Beer!

After an hour, we walked home and I lay down on the couch and slept three hours! After I woke, we walked to a nearby bistro called "Postal" and had dinner. We came home and unfolded my bed and talked until after midnight!

My bed in Paris

Bobby is so much fun to be with. The weather this evening is delightful; scattered showers to freshen the air and cool it. We slept with the tall windows open all night.
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