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Walking the Streets of Paris

May 15, 2008 - Paris Long Walk

This morning we woke, had French-press coffee in bed and talked another long lazy time. What a delight! Bobbie prepared fruit, yogurt and toast for us. I told her she had to stop doing that. Now we are going to explore Paris by bus. The No. 95 Line.

Walking in Paris is a real adventure

But #95 to #69 - stopped early for a strike, or "manifestation". So we walked back. We were accosted by a Gypsy lady, who wanted to sell us a "gold ring". It was a scam. We weren't fooled. We walked to Notre Dame. Walked through Tuileries all the way. To give our feet a rest, we stopped at a lovely garden cafe for lunch. It felt so good to be on foot and fancy free in Paris, just going where we wanted.

Two happy ladies having a restful lunch in Tuileries Garden

After a refreshing lunch, we began walking again, down the champs Elysees. What an astonishing, wide, tree-lined street. It seemed the entire population was out, walking, biking, jogging, running and enjoying the day.

Beautiful Champs Elysees

We went into the Petite Palais and took a free tour. The palace is now a museum, with its splendid architecture and works of art on display. It also has a lovely garden.

The Petit Palais Front Gate and Gorgeous Vase on Display inside

Exquisite Bronze Statue and Wonderful Paintings are on Exhibit

Lush paintings and Inspiring architecture

Following that, we walked to the Arch de Triomphe. Along the way, there were many fascinating sights.

Each lamp post is a work of art, and the Moorish Fountain is spectacular

Mounted Police and Paris Bikes, which are taxis!

We arrived at the Arch of Triumph at Last. See the Louvre Pyramid through the arch.

After this day of walking, my feet got to hurting too much. I was wearing new high heels. They are Geoxx, and comfortable--great for walking, but perhaps not this much! Ha ha! We took a cab home, where I soaked my tootsies in cold water. We talked until half-past midnight! What a day!
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