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Exploring our Neighborhood

May 17, 2008 - Monoprix Super and Shopping

We had coffee upon awakening. I fixed us breakfast and we talked. That is a great joy of this trip: our talks! Coffee in bed in the mornings and talking. Sun streaming in the lofty windows. Voices floating in from the sidewalk outside.

Sumptuous Pies!

This morning, our first outing was to "Monoprix" supermarket. We bought gorgeous food. There's no other way to describe it. The French have a way of making everything, no matter how modest, look artistic and appealing.

The mind wants it all! The body can't handle it!

Salami with "noisettes" (pistacio nuts) imbedded. Very thin slices. Prosciutto, Baguettes, four cheeses, oranges, bananas, pears, tomato, crackers, juice, milk, croissants, wine and so on. Provisions for the coming days. Of course, we just had to eat when we got home. Everything was so appetizing! Yum! We decided to just stay in when we noticed it was already late afternoon. We did have a short walk, down to the Rue Mercadet to the post office, pharmacy, paper store and butcher.

French cooks apparently prefer their poultry with head and feathers! Veal priced at about $36 US Dollars per KG

A girl came up to us asking, "Are you Americans?" When Bobbie said yes, she said, "You never see Americans in this neighborhood! Welcome to real Paris! Now you are meeting real people!" It was a warm greeting. About this time, the sky opened again and there was another downpour. We got soaked coming home in spite of our umbrellas. The rain in Paris can be very dramatic. That's twice we have gotten soaked at night.
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