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The "Parisian's Street" and The Eiffel Tower

May 18, 2008 Rue Cler, Eiffel Tower

We were up and out at the early hour of 7:30 this morning, to ride the Metro to Rue Cler near Les Invalides and La Tour Eiffel. We got of the Metro at stop #13 Invalides and were disoriented from riding underground most of the way. We got lost, but some friendly Parisiennes helped us to find the street we wanted.

The Metro dropped us off at this greenbelt in front of Les Invalides

Typical gathering of Parisian males

Rue Cler is a two-block street where French and Americans go to shop, eat and people-watch.

Here we are at Rue Cler

We covered the two blocks twice, stopping mid-way for crepes with ham and eggs. A nice couple sat next to us and we had a pleasant conversation with them.

Crepes made to order right on the sidewalk!

The flowers for sale here were simply beautiful. The French do love their flowers!

Begonias and Cosmos

And of course, roses of every hue!

The produce here is fresh from the farm, and would appeal to the most discriminating chef.

Beautiful vegetables, arranged artistically

Gorgeous Greens!

You can buy a lovely aspic made from veges and seafood

The fish and seafood on display were simply beautiful.

Eel and Sole

Scampi and St. Peters Fish

You can even buy Paella, which uses many of the delicacies on display!

I was expecting great Roquefort cheese here, but was surprised to see the honey

There was a man with a music-box who delighted this little girl.

This little girl seems entranced by his show!

From here we walked to the Eiffel Tower, which is much easier to find! Ha ha! Can't miss it!

Can you spot the Eiffel Tower?

The mandatory photo standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

We walk underneath it to buy tickets to the top

We stood about 20 minutes in the snaking queue to buy tickets, which cost 12 Euros. We rode the elevator to the very top.

Ticket booth sign at the West Pillar

We Start to ascend in the elevator

Getting higher

Nearing the top

We walked around the platform and viewed the breathtaking sight of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Then we waited again for the tram to level one; then transferred to level two, then took an elevator to the very top. The top is not scary; you get off in an area enclosed in glass; you go up stairs to open-air viewing, but even that is enclosed in a safety grillwork.

Bobbie and Saralee, standing in front of the grillwork, with all of Paris behind!

The view is all the sights we have visited in Paris and more! Viewed as if from a low-flying airplane. Truly amazing. We found points around the city that we knew. A great way to orient yourself to the city of Paris.

The Arch of Triumph and golden dome which I think is the Grand Palace

Our familiar Church of Sacre Coeure and the park leading to the Eiffel Tower

Pont Neuf and the Seine River

Tourists riding in the "Bateau Mouches" along the Seine

Bobbie and I rode the elevator back down to the "second level" and walked down the metal stairs back down to the street level. Lots of stairs!

We walked all these stairs down to street level

From there, we walked past the Gran Palais and the Petite Palais to Champs Elysees, and on to Rue des Rivoli. Elegant and expensive shops. It is a very posh neighborhood. We had tea the sweets at a landmark tea house, "Angelina". It is possible to glimpse famous celebrities when you are at this place. It was very proper and elegant. The bathroom is up a winding staircase and is worth the visit. After tea, we walked to the Louvre where we picked up the 95 Bus and rode home. Bobbie fixed us a dinner with the great food from the supermarket! Again, we talked into the night.
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