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An Evening of Lights and Music

May 20, 2008 - Evening - Sacre Coeur

When I got home to our apartment from my tour of Giverny, Bobbie was there and we planned our evening. It was decided that we would walk up to the church of the Sacred Heart again, to see the view at night, and to experience what the Parisiennes like to do for free; sit on the steps of the church and be entertained by artists with the city of Paris for a backdrop.

These two small cars seem to be "snuggling"

The walk up the street is lovely. We laughed at the tiny cars snuggled up so close to each other. The statues were nice, and as always, sidewalk cafes all along the way.

Walking past a sidewalk cafe on the way to Sacre Coeur, we see a lovely bust of someone called "Dalida"

When we got near the top, the lights were just getinning to come on in Paris, and the musicians were performing.

The first of several artists who performed for the crowd

We enjoyed being there, hearing the free concert. Then twilight became darker and darker; paris came to life.
As the sky darkened, people stood around for the "show", which was to see the lights come on illuminating this white church on a hill. It changes as the sky darkens.

The lights go on, and wow the crowd waiting for this daily event

We took each others' pictures in front of this landmark

The setting sun strikes gold on a building, and the lights of Paris come on

After the "show", we explored the top of this high point in the city, and saw the magnificent Eiffel Tower doing its twinkling show.

Every hour, at night, the tower sparkles like diamonds are cascading down it's pillars

Finally, we visited the square behind the church, and chose the cafe under the awning for our supper, and then walked home.

Cabaret La Boheme and restaurants under the trees

This is where we had our dinner, before walking home

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