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House and Gardin of Rodin, Friday Night in Paris!

May 23, 2008 - Rodin House, Bastille Square, Friday Night in Paris

We took a lazy morning, of coffee and conversation until mid afternoon. Then we took the #13 Metro to the Rodin house and garden.
There was a very short line, and it was simply wonderful! The house itself was so interesting, with the wooden trim, large windows, spiral staircases.

Rodin's stately home and the wonderful spiral staircase within

The home itself is a museum-piece, with gorgeous architecture

We toured the house and the garden which was green and fresh in the sunshine. The flowers and trees were especially beautiful in this month of May. We cavorted around on the grass and stopped for some refreshments in the cafe they have right there.

It was a lovely day to rest and smell the roses!

The cafe in the garden was a great place to stop and refresh ourselves

And the statuary is, well, is the work of Rodin! What more can a person say?

Two of Rodin's most famous works: The Thinker and The Kiss

Another Kiss and a Bronze in the window

Another Thinker contemplating Judgment Day, and a pensive girl in a hat

This experience was unique; seeing this home was a thrill and getting to walk around in this famous artist's home and garden, with the statues everywhere! It is something that will stay with me for a long time.
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