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Friday Night in Paris!

May 23, 2008 - Marais District, Bastille Square

The Parisians love roses

After the Rodin experience, we took the bus to the Marais District, to Bastille Square.

Buildings we saw along the way

Sights as we rode and walked in the Marais District

We visited the Place Vosges, which is said to be the most beautiful square in Europe. This is where the house of Victor Hugo can be found. We didn't find it, however.
What we found was the phenomenon of Friday Night in Paris!! People appeared in the streets and cafes in huge numbers; jolly, talking, upbeat and just having a wonderful time. It was contagious. It felt similar to a carnival mood, but a little calmer and more "usual". This must happen here every Friday. What a great sense of community.
We walked around the narrow streets and soaked in the feeling before taking the #89 bus to Louvre; The #69 had "SERVICE TERMINE" by that time (9:30 p.m.) We walked through the magical Squar Pyramide at the Louvre, from the back, as the sun was painting a pink sky. It was a glorious sight to see the fountains spewing up their mist.
Walking through the North Wing courtyard of the Louvre, we heard a saxophonist playing in one of the archway tunnels which was amplifying his haunting rendition of "La Vie en Rose". What a perfect moment!
We got home at midnight or later, had a glass of wine, did email and talked until sleep overtook us.
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