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A Walk in our Neighborhood

May 24, 2008 - A walk in the Montmartre District, near our Apartment

We woke, had coffee and talked. What a treasure! Sun streaming in our ten-foot-tall windows; birds singing. Streets very quiet on a Saturday morning. We ate our croissant and orange juice, and went out for a walk on the streets in this neighborhood.

Crowded streets with vendors

Bobbie must squeeze against the store glass!

Joyful confusion! Meat, fish, flowers, pastries, clothes, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, all in a row on the sidewalk. It is almost sensory overload... but not. It is so enjoyable. I don't think we have anything like it in the U.S. It is so much a part of the neighborhood. People in the shops were warm and friendly. Everywhere. From bus drivers to waiters to ticket agents to sales clerks.
Paris is famous for its artists, and there were plenty of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works of art for sale on the sidewalks here.

Paintings being sold

One clever artist put up a sign encouraging customers to make an offer. "Nothing is expensive! Everything is discussed!"

A clever sign, inviting customers to discuss

Another art form in the subway!

The outing was just about right, after the busy day yesterday. We purchased some lunch fare at the Patisserie and returned home in mid-afternoon. Enough for this day.
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