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Open Air Flower Market, La Conciergerie

May 25, 2008 - Wonderful Outing with Surprises

We are off to the Bird/Flower Market on Isle de La Cite. The Metro route was not convenient, so we chose Bus #95, transferred at L'Opera to the #21 which stops at Cite'.

The Famous Paris Opera House

We noticed we were at Le Conciergerie which is where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned until she was beheaded. So we took this very interesting tour, which cost 6.5E. It is a melancholy place, to think of her inprisoned, contemplating her death by beheading.

Inside the prison, La Conciergerie where Marie Antoinette awaited her fate

Bobbie standing bravely in a niche

Saralee and the queen's insignia, with bars showing through it

We lunched at a sidewalk cafe called Les Deux Palais. We both had omelettes and shared an order of pommes frites.

Outdoor dining in Paris is GREAT!

After lunch, we walked across the square to the Bird/Flower Open-Air Market.

There was a tree with more birdcages than branches!

Birdies awaiting a new home

They also had for sale rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, turtles, fish and all kinds of birds. A little unsettling to see all the little creatures in their cages awaiting their purchase and their fate. One looked like a baby eagle, mournfully crying like a human for her mother. We had to walk away.
The flowers were just amazing. It felt like walking inside a fragrant rainbow! Of course, we had to take the mandatory portrait in front of these lovely flowers.

What a Rainbow!



We walked all through the flower market and then along the Seine with boats full of sightseers on board, back to the Conciergerie.

Les Bateaux Mouche

Gorgeous Fountain for drinking

Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood, The French Motto

Thinking about Paris

We walked past Notre Dame Cathedral, down a narrow street called Rue Buci. It was crowded with people.

Room only for pedestrians!

Sidewalk Cafe

Social Life is very much outdoors in Paris

We saw the oldest restaurant in Paris

Le Procope, founded in 1686. Famous historical figures ate there, like Ben Franklin, Voltaire and Robespierre.

It would be wonderful to dine here

The shops and stores were delightful, as usual in Paris. After all of this, we located our #95 bus at the Louvre and rode it back to our little apartment at 15 Rue Square Carpeaux.
I love the fact that Bobbie and I are enjoying conversations every day and getting to know each other so well. It is a pleasure I have missed since Mike died; quiet, leisurely conversations. That alone is a highlight of this trip.
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